Nanlite Forza 300 LED Light

699.00 excl. BTW


Key features:

1. ULTRA-BRIGHT OUTPUT – The NanLite Forza 300 uses one 300W COB LED bulb to produce soft light at high intensity, offering a dazzling 43060 Lux at 1m when using the included reflector. The light beam can be intensified to 128679 Lux using the optional Fresnel lens attachment (not included), and the integrated Bowens-compatible S-mount makes it easy to add light-shaping equipment for multiple effects.

2. HIGHLY PORTABLE – The light unit measures just 309mm on its longest side, weighs 2.3kg, has a durable carbon fiber body and comes supplied in a high-quality protective carry bag, perfect for traveling to a location.

3. IDEAL FOR STUDIO OR LOCATION – Use in the studio with the included power adapter, or out on location using two V-lock batteries (not included); this light can be mounted on any standard light stand, or hung from a ceiling for studio use. The controls are a separate unit, meaning the light can easily be controlled from a hard-to-reach space, and the light can also be operated by DMX, 2.4G remote, or smartphone app.

4. INCREDIBLY ACCURATE – Get perfect color fidelity, with every light in the NanLite Forza Series featuring CRI 98, TLCI 95, and a balanced daylight color temperature of 5600K.

5. PHOTO AND FILM-READY – Soft lighting that is flattering for studio shoots and bright enough for any occasion, with built-in special effects (lightning storm, camera flash, TV, and faulty bulb) and an ultra-quiet fan.

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