Kinefinity MAVO Mark2 LF Body Only

5,999.00 excl. BTW

KINEFINITY unveils S35/Large-format 6K Camera MAVO mark2 S35 and MAVO mark2 LF

The MAVO mark2 LF continues the Full-frame 3:2 CMOS imaging sensor as the MAVO Edge 6K, maintaining the extraordinary high frame rate of up to 6K 75fps and dual native ISO 5120/800. The industry standard ISO 800 is ideal for shooting in normal light scenes, while the native ISO 5120 is perfect for low light scenes to obtain a clean image with high latitude and low noise. MAVO mark2 outperforms its predecessor MAVO LF a lot when it comes to highlight performance. It is capable to retain more highlight details, ideal for shooting in complex lighting environments, presenting wider visual angle, organic images and cinematic look.

Newly Announced!

  • Kinefinity MAVO mark2 LF body
  • Kinemount or Active PL Mount or Active E mount
Kinefinity Cinema Camera