Core SWX Nano-VBR98 7.4V Battery with D-Tap for Select Panasonic Camcorders

520.00 excl. BTW

The Nano-M series addresses the need for a more Pro style option of power for smlal form cine cameras. They are equipped with 4-stage LED gauge and a P-tap as a smart D-tap.

The Nano-VBR98 7.4V Battery from Core SWX is designed for use with the AU-EVA1 and other select Panasonic cameras. This clever solution provides a 12V D-Tap port often found in larger pro-style Gold or V-mount batteries, but in the smaller form of the original battery type. The D-Tap is a smart port with the ability to transmit SMBUS battery data.

Features of the Nano-VBR98 include a push button, four-LED power gauge, and compatibility with OEM battery chargers. When fully charged, this battery has an average runtime of 5 hours based on the draw of a Panasonic EVA1.