2 x Swit S-8972 DV Li-ion Sony Battery 47Wh + SWIT S-3602F DV CHARGER

269.00 excl. BTW

The battery can be charged using the SWIT S-3602F Dual Channel Charger. Alternatively, the battery can be charged via the pole-tap outlet using the SWIT S-3010D Portable Pole-Tap Charger.

Rechargeable Li-ion battery pack
Replacement for Sony L-Series NP-F770/970/960/950 batteries
7.2V, 47Wh capacity
4-level LED power indicator, display remaining power in percentage
Built-in 7.2V pole-tap DC output socket

The S-8972 7.2V, 47Wh Lithium-Ion DV Battery with DC Output from SWIT is a replacement for the Sony L-Series NP-F770/970/960/950 batteries. It comes with a built-in 7.2V pole-tap DC output to power the camera and other on-camera devices simultaneously. The 4-level LED indicator gives you a quick view of the remaining power before using the battery.