NiSi ATHENA PRIME Full Frame Cinema Lens Kit with 5 Lenses 14mm – 25mm – 35mm – 50mm – 85mm – Hard Case

5,349.00 excl. BTW

  • Full-frame and 46mm imaging circle
  • Maximum micro-contrast control and ultra-low chromatic aberration for unparalleled image quality
  • Large aperture of T2.4 and soft bokeh for beautiful background separation
  • Rear Mount filter mount for a more flexible workflow and creative control for filmmaking
  • Minimizes focus breathing for a consistent field of view when adjusting focus
  • Matched in weight and size to other NiSi Athena Lenses, eliminating the need for rebalancing on a gimbal when switching between lenses
  • Focus ring features 300° of rotation with fluorescent focal scales for precise focus pulls
  • Ideal for shooting feature films, documentaries, or music videos
  • Offers unparalleled image quality, flexibility, and creative control for filmmakers