1,999.00 excl. BTW

Key Features: 

  • Ceiling mounted
  • Counter-weighted motor-controlled orbiting system delivers repeatable precision parallax
  • Remote controlled (IR or Wi-Fi app)
  • Includes motor mountable ring light with subject centering aids (laser crosshair, moon ball)
  • Speed adjustable from 1 Rotation every 48 Hours up to 10 RPM
  • Adjustable modes: product, interview, time-lapse, and stop-motion
  • Supports up to a 10 Lb camera (extra counterweights required)
  • Multi-arm length configurations with articulating joints
  • Operating volume 45 dB
  • “Stealth Mode” Reduces operating volume to 32dB (requires included IR remote)
  • 3 Lbs counterweights included
  • Minimum overhead space required to operate is 8ft

MARBL Orbit is backed by a limited warranty that covers craftsmanship, parts, and service. View full warranty details HERE.

External warehouse, approximately 10 days or more

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