Kinefinity GripBAT 45Wh for SideGrip

99.00 excl. BTW

GripBAT 45Wh matches SideGrip for TERRA. Capacity up to 45Wh enables a power supply about 100 mins for TERRA, even with KineMON-5L. Work with SideGip, it servse as an UPS if TERRA is powered by V-mount battery.

GripBAT 45Wh also features:

  1. Grip BAT is compatible with BP-U30 battery;
  2. Cell: very high quality 18650 battery cell with high capacity;
  3. Capacity indicator: 4 LEDs;
  4. Embedded protection circuits for over current and voltage;
  5. Short circuit protection, battery will recover after charging.
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