2EyeTech Camera Tags

18.00 excl. BTW

  • Different colour combinations
  • Tag size 50x45mm (2 pcs) , 50×22,5mm (2 pcs) und 25×22,5mm (4 pcs)
  • Sheet size 2x 99mm x 90mm
  • 2 pcs. “cam A”/”cam B”, 2pcs. “camera A”/”camera B” and 4 pcs. “A”/”B”
  • Clean and durable tagging
  • Completely customizable

These handcrafted camera tags are perfect for every D.P.  You can easily mark your camera gear in a multiple camera set up. Each Set includes 8 tags for two camera’s and can be customized and can be delivered with Velcro.

Sold out!

New stock arriving soon!

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