New Product! Sirui Sniper Series Lens


Introducing the Sirui Sniper Lens Series: Revolutionize Your Photography with APS-C Autofocus

Embark on a new photographic journey with SIRUI’s first-ever autofocus lens set – the Sniper Series. This groundbreaking collection includes three lenses with focal lengths of 23mm, 33mm, and 56mm, perfectly tailored for APS-C cameras. Each lens is available in three sleek colors – black, white, and silver – to match your style and camera setup.

Key Features of the Sirui Sniper Lens Series:

  • Versatile Mounts and Colors: Choose from E/X/Z mounts and select from black, white, or silver colors to complement your camera.
  • Ultra-Fast F1.2 Aperture: Experience the power of the F1.2 ultra-fast aperture across all lenses, offering a shallow depth of field, exceptional bokeh quality, and superb subject isolation.
  • Enhanced Autofocus Capabilities: With support for camera Eye AF features, these lenses effortlessly focus on human eyes, even in fast-moving scenarios. Ideal for both photography and videography, the Sniper Series ensures your subject is always in sharp focus, aiding in the creation of high-quality, smooth video productions.
  • Optimized for Various Shooting Needs:
    • 23mm Lens: Equivalent to a 35mm full-frame lens, it’s perfect for capturing humanity, scenes, street, travel, and indoor photography.
    • 33mm Lens: A versatile choice equivalent to a 50mm full-frame lens, suitable for portraits, food, still life, and more.
    • 56mm Lens: Ideal as a portrait-length prime, this lens is equivalent to an 85mm full-frame lens and excels in close-ups, long-distance shots, and creating beautifully blurred backgrounds.
  • Advanced Optical Design: Incorporating ED glass and high-refractive-index glass, the Sniper Series lenses are compact yet deliver exceptional optical performance with well-controlled flare and ghosting.

Efficiency and Quality in Low Light: These lenses enable high shooting efficiency with fast shutter speeds, capturing brilliant moments effortlessly. The high aperture allows for reduced light use in low-light conditions, making you a more versatile run-and-gun filmmaker without relying on high ISO settings.

Release Date: Mark your calendars for November 24th, when the Sirui Sniper Lens Series will be available, transforming your photography and videography experiences with its innovative features and unmatched versatility.

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