Introducing the Portkeys BD1 Switchable Double-Side NP-F Dummy Battery

Portkeys has recently unveiled the BD1, a user-friendly, switchable, double-sided NP-F style dummy battery. This innovative device enables you to simultaneously power two NP-F compatible devices, such as a monitor and a wireless video transmission system, using an external DC or USB-C power source. Priced at approximately  €32.99, let’s delve into its features!

Chinese manufacturer Portkeys specializes in producing high-definition monitors, electronic viewfinders, and related accessories. Notably, most of their monitors are compatible with Sony NP-F style batteries, which are also widely used in wireless video transmission systems.

To enhance convenience, Portkeys recently developed the BD1, a compact dummy battery module designed to simplify your monitoring setup. Let’s take a closer look!

Portkeys BD1 switchable double-side dummy battery. Source: Portkeys


The Portkeys BD1 is a lightweight module (76 g/0.17 lbs) designed to power two devices using Sony NP-F batteries from an external power source. Constructed from durable plastic, the dummy battery features adjustable dual NP-F interfaces to accommodate various monitors and wireless video transmission systems. Both NP-F sides can be disassembled, and the angle between them can be easily adjusted for optimal compatibility.


The device features dual input interfaces for power: a DC input ranging from 7 to 16.8V and a USB-C input supporting 9V, 12V, and 15V. Its DC output provides 7 to 16.8V/3A on one side and a regulated 8V/1.5A on the other.

Key Features:

  • Power Supply and Mounting
  • Dual NP-F Patented System
  • Removable Double-Sided NP-F Battery Panel
  • Convenient USB-C Power Input
  • Easy Installation


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Portkeys BD1 Dummy Battery

32.99 excl. BTW