The Latest Expansion to the Remus Blazar Set: The 35mm T1.6 Silver Flare

The announcement of BLAZAR Remus 35mm Anamorphic Lens the blazar anamorphic lens set has taken the film industry by storm. For anyone who might’ve missed it: These unique lenses are designed to take video/photos with a broad aspect ratio, providing a film-like appearance. Anamorphic lenses’ standout trait is their capability to horizontally extend light sources, producing a signature ‘flare’ effect and an oval-shaped bokeh.

Today Blazar has announced a new Silver-Flare S35 anamorphic lens, being 35mm T1.6. Grab yours now!

BLAZAR Remus 35mm Anamorphic Lens Blue Flare  or BLAZAR Remus 35mm Anamorphic Lens Amber Flare or the  BLAZAR Remus 35mm Anamorphic Lens with Silver Flare, and profit from the limited 10% off price. During the sale.

Why a silver flare?

Silver flare is a coveted aesthetic in filmmaking, often chosen for its ability to add a dramatic, dream-like quality to scenes.  The Remus Blazar 1.5x Anamorphic Lens Set integrates this feature to enrich visual narratives, giving filmmakers a powerful tool to evoke emotion and highlight pivotal moments in their stories

What to expect with BLAZAR Remus 35mm Anamorphic Lens?

BLAZAR describes the new 35mm lens as “a wide-angle option exclusively for S35 users.” This makes it suitable for commonly used camera models such as the RED KOMODO/KOMODO-X or Sony FX30.

The new 35mm lens boasts a maximum aperture of T1.6, making it faster than its full-frame counterparts.It also accommodates a 25x17mm image circle.  As of now this lens is available in PL mount.

Price and availability 

The 35mm & Silver Flare will begin shipping in June. For a limited time the discounted price is . Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Preorder now
749.00 excl. BTW

Filmed with Blazar Remus 65mm T1.6 Anamorphic Lens Amber Flare Lens