Kinefinity MAVO EDGE 8K LF Digital Cinema Camera Body

11,999.00 excl. BTW

The new 8K imaging sensor on the MAVO Edge is an amazing canvas with 45 million pixels on a 36x24mm full-frame CMOS sensor featuring 800/3200 dual native ISO, 8K Wide up to 75fps and latitude up to 14+ stops. Even at open gate 3:2 , surprisingly this beast can still deliver a gorgeous image of 45 million pixels at up to 48 frames per second.

MAVO Edge ensures natural color, pleasing skin tones, low noise, high dynamic range and stunning details in organic and delicate way, cinematically. Benefiting from a greatly upgraded, cutting-edge image processing platform, MAVO Edge can capture images as 100fps at 6K Wide or 160fps at 4K Wide. At the same time, MAVO Edge also supports oversampling in Full Frame mode to output 6K or 4K resolutions which will result in more details and latitude with the same optical format.

  • Stunning 8K 75P CMOS Imaging Sensor
  • Internal motorized full-spectrum e-ND
  • Dual SSD slot
  • Carbon Fiber lightweight

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