Voyager Evo Cart

3,250.00 excl. BTW

The new Voyager EVO Cart is the inovativ’s lightweight, travel friendly workstation ready to support you wherever you go


EVO Cart Sizes

  • Voyager 30

Collapsed: 34″W x 21″L x 8.25″H

Assembled: 34″W x 21″L x 39.5″H


  • Voyager 36

Collapsed: 39.9″W x 24.7″L x 8.25″H

Assembled 39.9″W x 24.7″L x 39.5″H


  • Voyager 42

Collapsed: 45.9″W x 24.7″L x 8.25″H

Assembled: 45.9″W x 24.7″L x 40.9″H